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I I founded World Animal Friends in 2010 to provide support for animal rescuers overseas.   In many countries there are large populations of cats and dogs living on the streets.  Some have been abandoned, many were born on the streets and will live their lives without ever having a home.

I have found that in any country there are always a few people dedicated to helping these homeless animals. Unfortunately, their task is huge coupled with the fact that it is difficult, if not impossible to raise funds locally.  In many countries there is no culture of donating for animals and it is only with donations from abroad that animals in desperate need can be helped.

WAF is continually fundraising to support our local partners so they are able ease the suffering of cats and dogs without homes.

Since we started WAF has made contacts in Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Brazil.

I have been involved with animals all my life. Before starting World Animal Friends I was a volunteer for animal  charities in UK for over 20 years.

My husband and I currently have 3 cats and a dog. Our dog and one cat is from Romania. one cat is from Egypt  and the most recent arrival appeared as a stray and decided to stay!

Lynn Maguire

World Animal Friends is run on a voluntary basis - there are no staff salaries. We are happy to donate our time so all funds can help animals.


The money raised by World Animal Friends is used for any project to help cats and dogs without homes or in an animal shelter.

We have particular focus on:

*providing food for homeless animals and those in shelters

*providing vaccinations for animals in shelters - this is important where large numbers of animals are living together

*providing veterinary treatment for homeless cats and dogs that are sick or injured

*spaying and neutering

This list is not exhaustive. We have also payed for kennels, fencing, cat and dog bedding, fridges and freezers for keeping animal food and various other items.

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