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Roshdy Abaza wants to make sure everybody knows about the WAF regular donor schemes. World Animal Friends has two sponsorship schemes for cats:

Zenka Cat Shelter For just £6 a month you can choose one of the shelter cats to sponsor. Zenka Cat Shelter in Serbia is home to over 70 gorgeous cats but less than half of them have a sponsor. Ljubica, who runs the shelter, struggles constantly to cover the costs of feeding and caring for the cats, your monthly sponsorship will make a real difference.

Alexandria Cat Rescue Centre For a regular monthly donation of £10 you can be a "Shelter Angel". Your donations will be used to fund the cost of operating the ACRC apartment where rescued cats can live until they are adopted. You will be helping to cover the cost of rent, food, cat litter, etc so cats like Roshdy can be taken from the streets and be safe and well fed.

If you would like to sponsor a Zenka cat or be an ACRC Shelter Angel please contact us here

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